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Through Connection with nature based Energy Therapies I offer transformative personal journeys for women to heal and balance emotions when struggling through challenging times. I support women to gain direction, develop self confidence and feel empowered, strengthening their self belief through connecting to the heart centre to release any negative belief patterns that may be holding them back from having the clarity and confidence to follow their heart and be their true self.

Energy Therapy treatment programmes and Wild Lore Essences Energy Sprays incorporating Crystal Therapy, Flower Essence Therapy and Reiki based in Dorking, Surrey

Welcome to Wild Lore Therapies

My name is Carina Remnant and I am a fully qualified Reiki Master and teacher, a Crystal Therapist, Indian Head Massage and Flower & Gem Essences Practitioner based in Westcott, Dorking. I use a combination of Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Flower Essences, colour and sound in my Energy Therapy treatment programmes and in my Wild Lore Essences Energy Sprays.

I have a strong belief in the value of energy therapies and enjoy working with women to help them navigate the stresses of everyday modern living and to be their true confident self in life. I have found through experience that offering clients a course of treatments, rather than just single treatments, offers greater results and sustained well-being. Having regular treatments maintains feelings of positivity, helps you to stay on track and keeps your well-being a top priority. The benefits of energy therapy is cumulative; each treatment builds on the work accomplished in the previous treatment. Through offering a programme of treatments clients often experience faster breakthroughs that are sustained, and deeper healing can occur.

I offer several cost-effective treatment programmes to help you ensure you receive the most benefit from these treatments. You can choose the right length of programme to suit you.

My aim is to help enable women to gain a sense of well-being and to ease stress. By bringing calm, a clarity of mind, and self confidence. My treatments help to support women through personal challenges and changes in life and to enable them to develop a strong sense of individual self. It is my wish to help to empower women to move through life challenges, to believe in their self and to fulfil their dreams through the connection to nature and nature based therapies.

Treatment Programmes & Services

About my Healing Treatment Programmes

I have found through experience that offering clients a range of treatment programmes rather than just a single treatment offers greater results and sustained well-being. Having regular treatments maintains feelings of positivity, helps you to stay on track, supports you to do deeper transformative development and keeps your well-being a top priority. The benefits of energy therapy treatments are cumulative; each treatment builds on the work accomplished in the previous treatment and clients often experience faster breakthroughs that are sustained

I offer several different lengths of treatment programmes within each programme course to help you ensure you receive the most benefit from these treatments. You can choose the right length of programme to suit you. Energy therapy courses, Reiki and Flower essences courses can also be carried out distantly online through Zoom. Your first step is to book in a free consultation call to find out more and see which programme is the right one for you.

Treatment Programmes

Energy Therapy

Courses are available in a course of 3, 4 or 6 sessions. Energy therapy treatment involves the use of crystal therapy, Reiki, colour, flower essences, oracle cards and the energy of the elements which work synergistically with our energy system, removing any energy blocks and balancing our energy field on a mental, emotional and spiritual level. This can bring us into our own individual natural balance, allowing you space for relaxation, gain clarity and perspective on life issues and discover any blocks that are preventing you to move forward in your life. This course of treatments is a valuable form of self-awareness and development. Further Follow Up sessions are then available to support you through changes and challenges.

‘I Believe in Me!’ – A Journey of Self Development

This course of Energy Therapy Treatments supports you to focus on stepping into your true confident self.

Through Reiki, Crystal Therapy, flower and Crystal Essences Therapy, the energy of the elements, a personalised aura spray created for you own individual needs and affirmations this treatment course will support you in developing a confident, positive outlook and self- belief in yourself. Develop your

intuition and listen to and trust the voice within. Gain more clarity in your life and be able to begin to recognise what may be holding you back from being your true authentic self, standing strong and following your heart. Uncover hidden emotional blocks and beliefs that need to be healed to illuminate positive change. Supporting you to become empowered, believe in and become your true self. Different course options and Introductory sessions are available.

Personal Flower Essence Journey –

to support emotions and gain clarity through life’s challenges

Flower essence journeys are here to assist you in moving forward in times of stress and challenge. Flower essences work to support your emotions and help to change any self-limiting beliefs that may be holding you back. They help us to rebalance emotions into a positive state and can bring shifts in how we view ourselves and our surrounding situations. When we are in a negative state our vibration is low and flower essences help to raise our vibration to a higher and more positive level. This in turn can help us to feel good about ourselves and supports how we view situations from a more positive outlook, ready and more able to make any changes that we need.

Different course options available.


Courses of 3, 4 or 6 sessions. Reiki is an ancient Japanese system of energy realignment rediscovered by Dr Mikao Usui in the early 1900’s. The word Reiki means universal life energy. Reiki works holistically to bring balance to the natural life force energy in the body. This can help to aid relaxation and promote clarity and a sense of peace. Reiki works on the bodies

electromagnetic field (aura) and strengthening this field may help to align emotional imbalances.

Relax & Destress

A course of 3 treatments. Relax as you experience an Indian Head Massage with organic oils and facial oils, reiki and crystals.

Single treatments of Indian Head Massage only are also available.

Relax & Rejuvenate

A course of 4 treatments, take time out for yourself with a Crystal Facial massage. This is a rejuvenating Ayurvedic face massage using facial oils, crystals and reiki.

Wild Lore Essences Personalised Bespoke Energy Spray Service –

An individual Energy Spray created just for you

Consultations to discuss your needs can be carried out over the telephone or online through Zoom. My energy sprays are handmade with the vibrational energy of crystals, plants, flowers and the elements and charged with reiki. Created specifically for you to support your individual emotional needs and help to maintain a positive outlook.

For more details on the different courses and for course cost contact me.

I offer free consultation calls by telephone or Zoom to find out which options are best suited to you. Contact me to book in your call.

About Me

I have been working with energy therapies for over 12 years and I would like to share with you a little about my journey in becoming an energy therapist and why I love doing this work. I have been interested in crystals and the energy that they hold from a young age, and I have always loved everything about nature, the natural world and natural healing. I began buying crystals and books on crystals in my teenage years and started to practise sensing their energy and working with them for my own personal development. My interest in natural health was supported by my auntie who introduced me to the natural remedies of Bach flower essences and essential oils which I began to use for myself. I found using the Bach Flower essences valuable and often used them if I became stressed. In my early twenties I became interested in learning about Reiki, and I became Reiki attuned which enabled me to sense energy more. A while later I attended a day workshop on working with the energy of crystals and absolutely loved it! I was fascinated and wanted to learn more about the potential of working with crystals and the healing energy that they hold.

I had been through several different jobs in my life but none of them really felt fully satisfying and I did not feel genuinely happy in any of them. I had a constant feeling that I had a purpose and continued searching to find a job that I loved and one that would make me feel completely fulfilled.

I developed the confidence to follow my heart and my interests, and I discovered that my true passion was working with crystals, flower essences, energy and the energy system and connecting to the natural world and the nature kingdom. From this point on I broadened my learning to develop my work creating flower and crystal essences and combining these transformative healing tools with reiki. Flower essences are amazing tools to support our emotions and to develop our positive self -beliefs! I carried on to study reiki further to Master Level and then on to Teacher Level.

During my own personal learning journey working with reiki, crystals, and flower essences I learned how to trust and listen to my intuition and became increasingly aware of how our own beliefs and self-talk have a huge impact on our emotions, how we view the world, and react to what is going on around us. I was able to grow in confidence and fully become aware of who I was as a person. I gained clarity and direction on what I wanted in life and what I wanted to do. I now incorporate all these methods in my treatments and wish to help other women who want to stand confident and strong, find their own niche in life, live as their true authentic self, and feel empowered.


  • Reiki Master
  • Reiki Master Teacher
  • Crystal Therapy
  • Advanced Crystal Therapy
  • Flower & Gem Essences Practitioner
  • Indian Head Massage Practitioner
  • Certificate in Education
  • BA in Education

How am I Different from other Therapists?

What separates my services from other therapists is that I support people to connect with their true self through combining the energy tools of the natural world (crystal and flower essences and the energy of the elements) with the gentle supportive healing of reiki. My passion is to support my clients to break through any blocks of negative emotions and self-limiting beliefs so that they can become their true happy authentic self and follow the calling of their heart.

If I feel that my therapies are not suited to your needs, I will always guide you to therapies that will support you.

My healing programmes may not be for you if you are not open to the concept of energy healing or if being spiritually minded is not of interest to you.

Wild Lore Essences Energy Sprays

Wild Lore Energy Sprays are created with the vibrational energy signature of plants, flowers and crystals and are energised with the vibration of Reiki. They have been handmade by myself with loving intention to give emotional support and to help to empower you during challenging times. Each energy spray helps in different ways to balance the differing emotions and thought patterns that can arise during times of change, challenge, and stress and support us to move forwards positively in life. They each come with their own unique energy message and affirmation. To purchase an energy spray Pay through the individual sprays PayPal links, price includes postage, or contact me to purchase.

If you would like your own individual and personalised energy spray created for your needs please see my Personalised Bespoke Energy Spray Service.

    Inner Peace

‘I have inner peace’

Brings peace, a feeling of being centred and grounded in the present moment and not knocked off balance in times of stress and worry.

    Inner Wisdom

‘I trust my inner voice’

Personal clarity and connection to the wise voice within. Beneficial during meditation and developing intuition.

    Positivity & Uplift

‘I live with joy’

Brings joy and positivity and raises and lifts our energy vibration and outlook.

    Safe & Secure

‘I am safe and have no fears’

…when feeling worry, insecurity, fearful. This is energy protective and supports us to feel grounded.

    Heart Voice

‘I connect and listen to the voice of my heart’

Supports us when we need to feel compassion, self-love or seeking soul-purpose and speaking your own truth.


‘I believe in me. I shine my light out into the world’

Supportive when not feeling good enough, self-doubt. Supports self-belief, confidence, joy, inner strength and personal power.

    Grounding in the New Earth

‘I am strong, grounded and centred’

Supportive when feeling uneasy, scattered thoughts. Supports to feel centred, grounded in the present moment and in flow with life.

    Energy Defence

‘My energy is protected’

Protects the energy field, use when your energy needs shielding from negativity

    Abundance Essence

‘Abundance surrounds me now’

Opens the heart and energy field to see, attract and receive abundance

    I Believe in Me

‘I believe in me! I am worthy of fulfilling my dreams and aspirations’

Supports in gaining clarity, direction, self-belief and confidence. This energy spray is included in my I Believe in Me’ energy therapy programme and can be purchased as a stand alone energy spray

Carina Remnant-

Wild Lore Therapies

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Contact me to book your free consultation call to talk through which therapy is the right one for you or to enquire about the energy sprays I create.

Alternatively, you can call me on

07580 329902.

All enquires are usually answered within 24 hours, and all contact is strictly confidential and uses secure phone and email services. Find out more by reading my Privacy Policy.

My location

I am based at the Land Barn Farm Cottage, situated in Westcott (RH4 3LS) and easily accessible from Dorking, Reigate, Effingham Chilworth and surrounding areas in Surrey. I also work from Tillow Barn Health & Wellbeing in Betchworth Surrey.

To find out more about the treatments I offer or to enquire about bookings, call me on 07580 329902, or use my secure and confidential online contact form to send me a message. I offer free consultation calls to find out which treatment is best suited to your needs

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